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Name : Tim Garrett
Birth Place : Houston, Texas
Born : June 28, 1960
Residence : Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Education : University of New Mexico
L.A. South West College
Major : Recreation and Parks
Elementary Education

From 1986 to 1997, Mr. Garrett played professional basketball. He was a 6th round darft pick by the NBA’s Washington Bullets, after which he played in the CBA and went on to play professional basketball for 11 years overseas. During his International pro career, he played the Center and Power Forward positions for top division professional basketball teams in France, Spain, Israel, Mexico, South America, Germany and England.

After a rewarding and lucrative professional career, Mr. Garrett returned to the United States in 1997. Mr. Garrett founded Gateway to Europe Basketball with the objective of utilizing his experience, knowledge and overseas contacts to help young U.S. basketball players attain their goal of having the same type of satisfying and financially rewarding professional career as he has had. He envisions helping European clubs to reduce the cost and time involved in finding strong, productive players by eliminating the unfortunate pratice of bringing in U.S. players who lack the maturity and commitment to consistently perform at their peak level. Gateway to Europe’s goal is to weed out the “head cases” and only present players with true Commitment to Excellence!

In addition to Gateway to Europe Basketball, Mr. Garrett had been working as an Assistant Basketball and Conditioning Coach of the Santa Monica College Corsairs for three years. He teached college physical education courses in beginning basketball. He also volunterred his time time as a coach for the Hermosa Beach Youth Basketball league, teaching 4-6 year olds hot to play the game.

Prior to and directly after his retirement from Professional Basketball, Mr. Garrett spent his summers working for the City of Carson, Parks and Recreation as a Youth Sports Coordinator. During his 14-year employmnet for the City of Carson, his responsibilities included fitness instructor and athletic trainer, coordinator of men’s and woman’s Basketball leagues, and professional leagues. During this time he worked with numerous NBA players who participated in Veteran’s Sports Complex summer leagues including: John Williams, Washington Bullets; Reggie Theus, Chicago Bulls; Leon Woods, Golden State Warriors; Olden Polynice, Utah Jazz; Lamond and Tracy Murray; Derrick Martin, Sacramento Kings; Chris Mills, Golden State Warriors; Gary Grant, Portland TrailBlazers; Phoo Richardson, Los Angeles Clippers; and Mike McGee, Los Angeles Lakers.

Mr. Garrett has spent his entire life surrounding himself with young atheltes in all sports and has an excellent sense for what it takes to compete and succeed in the hard, pressured life of professional sports.